Western Apartments

10311 South Western replaces a row of 24 small, single-story units with a mid-rise complex of 64 units of affordable senior housing. Working with a modest budget, the architects created a contemporary building that sets the stage for a transformation of the neighborhood with a new look and purpose.

To accommodate the one-bedroom apartments along the narrow parcel, the architecture takes a contemporary, linear form anchored by a distinctive elevator tower. Four stories high at the street, the building redefines the relationship with the street with the bright red grates and ribbon of landscaping creating a visual buffer zone and a sense of security for the residents.

At the rear, where the new community meets the residential neighborhood, the building form steps down to three levels facing a courtyard defined by landscaping, bench seating and the reappearance of the red grates, now used as privacy screens between the patios and with the neighbors across the alley, which met the zoning challenges and overcame the neighbors’ objections.

Los Angeles, CA
PA PRO II Preservation Ltd Partnership
.064 Acres
98 du/ac
4-story, Type V over 1 level
semi-subterranean parking
LEED Platinum

Gold Nugget Merit Award PCBC
Best Affordable