The Meridian

Adjacent to San Jose’s Downtown in a proposed Urban Village, The Meridian is a 100% family affordable, mixed-use apartment community that will pave the way for higher density in the area. Withee Malcolm’s architectural design employs a varied mix of unit sizes on top of a commercial and community-centric series of spaces that offer internal and external community building opportunities. Interior design services were also provided via an overall project color palette, finish choices, and design of common areas.

In order to meet client requirements for this TOD project, the design integrates a higher number of 2- and 3-bedroom units. Three-bedroom units, which are typically located on the periphery of multi-housing developments, were instead located internally but given ample natural light and air through the use of exit balconies and lightwells.

San Jose, CA
Roem Development Corporation
2.09 acres
110 du/acre
5-story Type IIA over over 1 level Type IA and 1 level subterranean parking