T Lofts

Located on a former industrial site in West LA, the live-work condominiums at T Lofts quickly captured the interest of young, workforce buyers who gravitated to the 84 loft-like spaces with industrial chic details and eco-smart amenities. The community is a smart-growth, urban infill development with greater density and sustainability. The project brings together the essential elements of a new generation of residential development in southern California, with greater density and sustainability near work, play and transit and addresses the growing concerns for a livable city alternative to the suburbs.

The success of the project also confirms a fresh appreciation for contemporary design. It addresses buyers’ concerns for affordable quality—light-filled, adaptable space, energy efficiency, an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, and a sense of community. Its sustainable design features earned the development the California Green Builder accreditation.

West Los Angeles, CA
The Lee Group
1.826 Acres
46 du/ac
4-story Type V over 1 level Type 1 subterranean parking

Westside Prize – Westside Urban Forum
Outstanding Project that Strengthens its Neighborhood through Commitment to Quality and Sensitivity to Context

Los Angeles Business Council Architectural Awards
Best Multi-Family Market Rate