Rolling Hills Covenant Church

Rolling Hills Covenant Church’s 11-acre campus is divided into two main parcels: North Campus with a chapel and South Campus with the central sanctuary and Welcome Center. At the heart of the South Campus Withee Malcolm added an expansive, outdoor Fellowship Deck that encourages greater socialization by connecting all of the key buildings: Sanctuary, Welcome Center and the newest facility, the Children’s Welcome Center and Administration Building.

The most significant new structure on the campus, the Children’s Welcome Center and Administration Building reflects the simple architectural modernism of the existing campus with clean lines, large windows and regional stone. Taking advantage of the change in grade, the entry to the children’s spaces, including the welcome area and classrooms are on the first level, while the second-floor administrative spaces connect to the Fellowship Deck and, by extension, to the other buildings on the upper level.

Rolling Hills, CA
Rolling Hills Covenant Church
11 Acres
17,000 sf renovation