Restaurant Chain Headquarters

For a refresh of the lobby, atrium, and restrooms in the headquarters of a restaurant chain specializing in American Asian cuisine, the interior design team took their cues from the company’s origins to create upbeat spaces infused with an Asian sensibility and the principles of traditional feng shui to bring positive energy and harmony.

In the lobby, a history wall makes a direct connection to the company’s heritage and development, while the use of a traditional Asian screen, a deep red color and Asian motifs provide subtle references.  A prominent display case features the pieces from the company’s  Asian art collection and awards.

The atrium is a gathering space for employees, featuring a long wall that highlights the company’s mission and values. In addition to reinforcing the culture, the wall’s design also serves an acoustical function. On an adjacent wall, an art piece made of brightly painted chopsticks is a whimsical nod to both the business and the background of the company.

With minimal changes, the design brings new life to the rooms, creating conversation areas in the lobby and transforming the atrium into an inviting communal space to be enjoyed by the staff.

Rosemead, CA
National Restaurant Chain
5,500 sf