Located on a hillside site with views across the rolling landscape to downtown Los Angeles, the development features 34 apartments designed in a Mediterranean architectural style that fits comfortably into the surrounding neighborhood.

Creating an affordable housing development for the affluent community of Rancho Palos Verdes required a consistent, multi-year effort by the city, the developer, and the architect. Withee Malcolm worked diligently to make certain that the design more than met the quality standards of the community.

The development required a number of entitlements, including a general plan amendment, zoning change, density bonus, and tax credits, as well as considerable patience. With its residential scale, inviting gathering spaces, and high level of detail, Mirandela delivers affordability with style and grace.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
AMCAL Multi-Housing, Inc.
2.88 Acres
2 unit types
590-801 sf
11.8 du/acre
2-story, Type V wood on-grade construction
with on-grade parking

SAGE Award
Innovative Residential Development for the 55+ Market
Project of the Year