Jefferson on Avalon

On the site of a long defunct car dealership in downtown Carson, a new community is being imagined. The masterplan for a mixed-use development brings together multifamily residential apartments and townhomes, a hotel, a lively, central gathering pavilion with a full range of dining options and a drive-through coffee house.

The ambitious vision will transform the 20.5-acre site into a vibrant neighborhood where each of the three apartment complexes has been designed with a distinctive architectural character and amenities that reflect a highly recognizable cohort of Southern California residents. The three residences, each featuring 330-plus apartments, are designed as five-story buildings with outdoor spaces, pools and roof decks.

Natural Living: designed for residents who enjoy the SoCal lifestyle— the beach, fresh foods, gardens and relaxation. The architecture features natural materials, a warm palette, balconies and small patios on the ground floor

Modern Luxury: an architecture that speaks to the refined modernism of the International Style. Sleek metal and glass facades, sophisticated finishes and amenities will appeal to professionals looking for an upscale environment.

Urban Lifestyle: a Westside LA urbanity that resonates with young creatives. The architecture is upbeat with a clean contemporary profile and options for socializing.

Carson, CA
20.5 acres
1,257,757 sf residential:
3 apartment buildings, 1,048 units
40 townhomes
88,845 sf commercial:
5 buildings total –
3 buildings – food pavilion
1 hotel 150 rooms
1 restaurant
77 du/acres

Gold Nugget Merit Award – PCBC
Best On the Boards Site Plan