Ganahl Lumber  –
San Juan Capistrano

The design for Ganahl Lumber San Juan Capistrano furthers this historic company’s branded architecture by utilizing our knowledge of Ganahl’s history and operations and wood products in new and exciting ways. Located near the border of San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point, the new 145,000-square-foot location was masterplanned and designed to navigate site challenges and further Ganahl’s operational efficiencies and customer-first approach within an expanded aesthetic.

Our masterplanning of the 17-acre site drew on previous work with this 135-year-old California company but was adapted to specific site challenges and conditions. As a full-service replacement to a small nearby outlet, a total of 15 structures were organized on site, with a large retail component located closest to the street, a drive-through lumber yard immediately behind, and a will-call storage and operations facility beyond. These three primary buildings will be supported by a guard house and 11 storage sheds to form a loose boundary with an adjacent long-term vehicle storage lot. By positioning high-to-low usage from the front of the site to the rear, the design team also helped protect residential neighbors to the north of the property from noise and dust.

Representative of Ganahl’s ethos for quality and service, the retail store’s design reinforces techniques and highlights products with a nod to the area’s architectural heritage. Weathered cedar siding and angled columns with exposed joinery establish details on the exterior that are reminiscent of Southern California’s early 20th century buildings and will be carried into interior spaces for a cohesive look. On the interior wood trusses and exposed dowel laminated timber roofing panels fabricated directly by Ganahl will blend seamlessly with large lightwells and innovative modular wood wall finishes. Together with a color palette and graphics provided by our Interior Design team the space promises to offer a bright, sustainable environment for customers and the location’s proposed 80 employees.

San Juan Capistrano, CA
Ganahl Lumber Company
140,000 sf