City Center Apartments

Sponsored by the City of Ontario as part of the city’s central redevelopment plan, the project brings affordable, senior housing to a convenient downtown location. The 91 well-planned units as well as the internal community amenities—media room, fitness center, indoor/outdoor lounge areas, laundry, and multi-purpose space—are tailored to the needs of the residents.

The apartments are located on an underutilized infill parcel adjacent to the civic center, city hall, a new library, the police department and the senior center with ready pedestrian access to grocery shopping and other retail and the bus lines. The linear stepped building maximizes city parking, engages park space, encloses resident parking and captures surrounding views. Public desire for a building that would respond to the urban context was met in an architecture with strong horizontal lines, generous amounts of masonry and rich detailing that recalls Wright’s Prairie Style.

Ontario, CA
The Related Companies
1.16 Acres
580-820 sf
78.4 du/acre
Type V over 1 level Type I parking

Gold Nugget Merit Award – PCBC
Best Senior Housing Age-Qualified