Bloomington Grove Masterplan

Located in a redevelopment area in an unincorporated area of San Bernardino County, the residentially anchored mixed-use community is designed to catalyze change in the area. The intergenerational residential development, built on 9 acres of County land, includes 190 units of affordable family housing and senior/affordable family housing at Bloomington Grove and Lillian Court respectively, as well as the new 6,500-square-foot Bloomington Public Library, social services and recreational areas.

The architecture of the community—California Mission style featuring stucco walls, balconies, shutters and classic red roofs—recalls the original vernacular architecture of the region. Environmentally friendly, the entire development uses California drought-tolerant materials and has open spaces with meandering pathways.

Achieving the successful integration of the mix of public social uses and housing for multiple generations on a single site was key to community acceptance and to the ultimate revitalization of the former industrial district.

Bloomington, CA
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9 Acres
6,500 Library
2,200 sf Senior Center
2,625 sf Community Center
190 affordable
21.18 du/acre
VA and VB

Gold Nugget Grand Award – PCBC
Best Affordable Housing Community – Under 30 du/acre

Gold Nugget Merit Award – PCBC
Best Affordable Housing Community

Sage Award
Best 55+ Assisted Living/Special Needs Community – Silver