Blaze Pizza

With services ranging from interior architecture and interior design to brand development, work for Blaze Pizza extended across more than thirty-two locations throughout the United States. The brand’s focus on fresh ingredients, innovative equipment, and quick service, or “fast-fired”, translated into clean, functional-focused spaces punctuated by high impact wall art. Buildouts ranged from standalone buildings to food court spaces.

Interiors varied by location, but equipment and overall layout were designed for optimal production in order to support the “fast-fired” atmosphere. Wherever possible, kitchen lines were visible and located near the entry to introduce patrons to Blaze Pizza’s brand attributes as a first impression and offer guests the ability to see and participate in the action. Dining and kitchen areas were appointed in a bright, industrial aesthetic, which was carried through to adjoining patio dining areas, where applicable.

Over 32 locations
Blaze Pizza
900-3,500 sf