1880 Century Park East Lobby

The redesign of the lobby at the 16-story 1880 Century Park East building expands an existing lobby and common area from 2,500 to 3,350 sf by embracing what had been exterior space between two existing columns. The previously cramped entry that simply connected tenants and visitors from a portico-covered plaza to the elevators now serves as a networking and socializing zone, and place of human connection.

The new design revitalizes the space through materials and reconsidered connections to the exterior, allowing it to serve as a multifunction area to host events as well as functional zone for tenants and visitors. A fully operable glass partition underneath the reclad canopy allows virtually unobstructed views across the plaza and a large, adjacent fountain. Tenants and visitors are drawn into the space via alternating warm and soft materials, including a series of undulating acoustic felt ceiling ribs that mimic the form of the fountain outside. Visually the space directs visitors to a new stone-clad security desk that has been upgraded for two employees and a backdrop that features a custom painted glass artwork by emerging LA-artist Emily Colvin.

With ceiling-integrated LED lighting, large area rugs, comfortable arrangements of furniture, and bright colors, the space allows for private conversations as well as intimate meetings. Punctuating the center of the space is a perforated backlit column that offers visual interest and that ties to the same treatment at the elevator banks. Additional reclad, reskinned surfaces and new stone flooring create a functional, high-end lobby with a hospitality touch.

Century City, CA
Held Properties, Inc.
3,350 sf