11600 Santa Monica

Located less than four miles from the Pacific Ocean, the 11600 Santa Monica development utilizes a unique façade skin and activated courtyard and rooftop exterior spaces to meet aesthetic requirements for iconic architecture as well as the needs of families and young professional tenants. Design for the 5-story low-rise was organized in a U-shaped configuration to take advantage of a large second-level courtyard space and a rooftop deck that offered views toward the Pacific. Both spaces offer active and passive activities, with a pool and direct access to gym space and community rooms in the lower courtyard, and vignettes of discreet seating and zones for relaxation on the roof deck.

One- and two-bedroom units make the most of floor to ceiling glass and a majority of north and east-facing light. Privacy and lateral stability requirements for the Type III construction are managed through a structured web of double shear walls overlaid with Trespa©.  This nesting concept articulates the façade and offers visual depth while maintaining a visually open feel. Integrating orange and white in the vertical directions and a fine line of blue in the horizontal also establishes a random yet well-choreographed balance that activates the façade, particularly along the public right of way.

West Los Angeles, CA
Jamison Properties
.68 Acres
100 du/acre
5-story Type III over subterranean parking